In Kythera, «Aphrodite’s island», according to mythology the Goddess of beauty was born on the foam of the sea of Tsirigo. At an enchanting point three seas unite the Ionian, the Cretan and the Aegean. Kythera has to exhibit not only a large and rare natural wealth but also a historical, and archaeological heritage. Relatively intact from the effects of mass tourism, it composes an atmospheric, authentic scenery, with various interchanging forms. 



The caves of Kythera attract great historical interest, catching the attention of visitors fascinated by exploration and alternative tourism. The Saint Sophia cave has ten spaces with stalactites and stalagmites composing a magic scenery in red colours. In addition the particular cave is a characteristic example of an attraction with historical interest since it is dated more than 4 million years old.


The three plus one Kytherian castles, the magnificent and impressive Choras Castle, the unique in beauty castle of Palaiochoras, the well maintained castle of Mylopotamos, as well as monasteries and churches, present archeological interest as most of them have a history of centuries and serve as guardians of our culture and tradition.  



Kythera is famous not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for its rich hinterland where one can meet traditional settlements and villages, up to 50, including some very traditional ones like Aroniadika and Mylopotamos. In the hinterland you can discover interesting routes, through landscapes with ravines, pinewoods, natural fountains, waterfalls, lakes, charming ruins, and stone that emerges in the light. Kythera differentiates for the variety and the alternations of its natural wealth, for the combination of mountain and sea, for the vegetation, the diverse landscapes, the amalgamation of Krete and Mani, of the stone and the wild flowers, of the sun and the fog, of the green and the purple. Kytherian nature invites you for relaxation and resting, for adventure and discovery.



 So go on to enjoy…

walking through the paths…

...diving in the waterfalls…

exploring the caves….

visiting the churches...

...traversing through the castles...

...swimming in enchanting waters…. order to discover places and feelings that you will embrace and they will captivate you forever….


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